Our work

SECTION27 is currently working to achieve five goals

These goals were developed in the SECTION27 Prospectus (updated in June 2011) which provides greater detail on these goals and the objectives to be achieved.

1. Implementation of the HIV/AIDS National Strategic Plan (NSP)

Our particular focus with regard to the NSP is on respect for and the promotion of human rights as outlined in the plan’s priority area 4, as well as the building and/or strengthening of SANAC structures to ensure good governance and accountability. We are also working on ensuring appropriate budgeting for and expenditure in relation to ARV treatment and other key interventions identified in the NSP, so that there is a sustainable uninterrupted provision of ARV treatment.

2. Reform of public and private health systems

We are working for better quality and more affordable public and private health systems as an integral step towards the creation of a national health insurance (NHI) system.

3. Improved access to food and basic education

We work for increased public investment in health-related socio-economic rights such as sufficient food and basic education and their appropriate regulation.

4. Regulation of public and private power in the interests of equality.

We are working to ensure that the conduct of relevant organs of state and of those who exercise significant private power in relevant fields accords with the Constitution.

In particular, we work for more effective parliamentary oversight over the Executive, the maintenance of the foundational values of the Constitution, the maintenance of judicial independence, a better understanding of the constitutional obligations of the private sector in relation to the rights to health and education, increased equality of access to essential services provided by the private sector and a developed legal framework regulating private power, particularly in the health industry.

5. Promotion of human rights regionally and internationally

We seek to influence respect for human rights and the rule of law regionally and internationally. We try to strengthen civil-society organisations and partners working in the field of human rights in selected developing countries and generate respect for and the protection and promotion of human-rights norms and standards in identified countries.